Janelle Johnson, MA, LPC, NCC is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a master's degree in Counseling, from Regis University. Janelle specializes working with adult individual client's in the areas of relationship conflict, emotional regulation, anxiety, and grief & loss. Janelle formed Life Balance Counseling private practice in Aurora, Colorado in 2011. Janelle Johnson is a featured media Mental Health Expert on TV One, FOX, ABC, & KCDO. Janelle's mission is to promote the welfare of mankind in the field of mental health. She works to combat stigma's & misconceptions about Counseling. She has an authentic interest in her client's personal, and social growth. Janelle listens to people for understanding; while pulling out their values so they may "balance their life." Therapist and client work collaboratively in therapy to maximize the client's full potential; while the client seeks to live a profound and fruitful life. Client's access resources available to nurture themselves, others, and what is dear to them. Janelle Johnson is a passionate Licensed Professional Counselor led to specialize in areas that are dear to her. She works with client's wanting to recognize anxiety triggers and manage symptoms, work through grief and loss, celebrate ADHD benefits, build healthy relationships, sustain self-worth, and value. Janelle is a member of the American Counseling Association, and Rho Upsilon Chi Chapter. Janelle Johnson is a doctoral learner at Grand Canyon University in the Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision program. As a social justice change agent Janelle wants to bring attention to the detriment in being emotionally sound and regulated. 



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