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​​Grief/Loss- may result from divorce, death of a loved one, loss of job, loss of relationship, loss of animal, a move, or other transitions that bring about change.  There are not sequential stages that clients go in while recovering from a loss.  There is not an order of emotions or feelings; how clients feel and express themselves from grief/loss is unique. Your individual experience will be heard. 


Emotional Regulation- When we are not emotional regulated, sound minded, level-headed, rational, mindful, abreast laws, and astute; we live reactionary lives that may lead to harm to self, others, incarcerations, added bills because of careless acts, ignorance to rights and situations, and loss of desired relationships. The importance with emotional regulation is not pushing the emotion down or ridding of it. There is an importance to accept feelings and manage emotions.



Anxiety-You may feel frustrated, angry, nervous, fearful, or uneasy about uncertainties and events.  Anxiety is a natural response to this perceived danger.  Therapy can assist with confronting anxiety, stress management, thinking patterns, and awareness. We will explore the affects anxiety has on your body. 


Relationship conflict- There will be a degree of healthy difference in relationships.  ​ ​​​​​​​We will confront the relationship difficulty.  We will spend time looking at communication barriers, what is contributing to the conflict, and how you can work with others/or as a couple. We will work towards family and relationship cohesion.













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