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Janelle Johnson, MA, LPC ~ Life Balance Counseling, LLC
"LIving Your Balanced LIfe"

​Authenticity, Trust, Hope, Skills, Awareness, Balance, and Practice are important Elements in Psychotherapy


I believe clients have the greatest influence on their own treatment plan outcomes.  When clients are themselves they can listen to their inner-voice of reason, shift towards positive thinking, sit with feelings, hold onto values and memories, stop undesired behaviors, recall the good times, create their destiny, listen, care for themselves, and nurture relationships.  It is important that clients work with a therapist they respect and trust. I spend time with my clients building a client/therapist rapport that fosters a trusting relationship.  This trust that I describe is essential in therapy treatment.  My clients let their guards down in a safe and warm environment.  I find that my clients open up and progress at times; simply because they trust me. The opening up of ones-self through self-exploration and dialogue brings awareness to things my clients may otherwise have pushed down, and ignored.  I find that my invested clients are likely to do their work towards self-improvement.  It is this practicing of positive changes made during therapy that may remain throughout their lifespan. 


​​I am grateful to be in service to diverse populations, and cultures of people.  I provide pro-bono services on a 10-week continuum as available.  Additionally, I provide private in-home or office services to high profile, and celebrity clients.  My goal is to have clients exit therapy feeling accomplished, valued, and heard.  I expect my clients outcome from psychotherapy to include reduced stress, increased awareness, resources, skills, and an understanding of what they want. Clients will be aware of how they prioritize, and "balance" what they value.  ​


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Janelle Johnson, MA, LPC, NCC
Psychotherapist in Aurora



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